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Just what we need…

… more promotion of liquor.

Because here in New Zealand,

Ø  We don’t have 700,000 problem drinkers…

Ø  We don’t have kids drinking themselves into a stupor or  to death…

Ø  We don’t spend $4.4 billion dollars on alcohol-related abuse…

Ø  We don’t have 3,000 children in New Zealand  born every year  with fetal alcohol syndrome

Ø  We don’t have growing problems with public drunkeness, which now requires ambulances to be stationed at “trouble spots”…

Ø  We don’t have increasing violence and vandalism, related to easy availability of cheap booze…

Oh no, we need to promote alcohol as “sexy”, because we’re not consuming enough of the stuff. Thank you, North Otago Rugby Union, for showing us that problems with alcohol is someone elses’ problem and you don’t have to do your bit.

One question, though, if I may, Mr Jackson – how do you define “social responsibility”?

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