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While we’re about it…


Neil and Esther Henderson wanted scientists to debate climate change with Mr Monckton – who, by the way, is not a scientist.

Be that as it may, I would also like to see see public debates on;

  • Do germs cause disease – or is god/allah/jehovah/zeus punishing us?
  • Is the Earth really a globe – or actually a  flat disc, held up by four elephants, atop a turtle, moving through the Universe?
  • Is the Earth only 6,000 years old?
  • Is the Earth at the center of the Universe, with the sun orbitting around us?
  • Is the U.N. controlled by reptilian aliens?

These are all important questions that should be debated…

The ultimate DIYer?

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It kind of puts us DIY blokes to shame, as we potter around in our Man Sheds on lawn mowers, cars, bikes, model trains, remote-controlled planes and boats…

I wonder if I can persuade She Who Must Be Obeyed to put a cyclotron in the basement? (“It’ll just be a small one”, dear.)




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