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Warning, warning, Will Robinson; Epic Fail In Progress!!


What I find totally, incredibly, unbelievably difficult to understand is how a government – supposedly comprising of intelligent, well-educated, rational people could ever expect something like “Boot Camp” to succeed in the first place!?

Overseas experience and evidence told us in no uncertain terms that these kinds of projects don’t work and are a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money. Their only real objective is to appeal to the conservative, “Sensible Sentencing” types who avoid thinking too deeply on this complex issues – and instead will opt for the simplistic, knee-jerk option every time. (For want of a better term, it’s called intellectual laziness.)

Common sense alone would have told National, and it’s Dear Leader, that there is absolutely no point in putting young people through a boot camp for a couple of months – only to return them to the same hopeless, impoverished environment which formed their alienated, angry charachters in the first place. That’s kinda like taking a morbidly obese man; giving him stomach-stapling; supporting him  to drop a hundred kg or two – and then sending him straight  back to McDonalds, Burger King, and the local donut bakery.

What. Is. The. Point???

The failure here, folks, is not the kids who were involved in this ill-considered venture. Rather, it is the politicians who should have known better. They’re the ones with the supposedly good education.


– Friday, 22 July 2011


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