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Mean-spirited and short-sighted…

In terms of mean spirited, short-sightedness, it is hard to get past this story. Cutting $800,000 from a community organisation that is daily facing at risk, vulnerable, women and children – many of whom are escaping from demented, deranged, violent men who are ;little better than animals – beggars belief.

Let’s put $800,000 into context.

– This government intends to spend $36 billion on roads over the next ten years.

– This government spent untold millions on 34 new ministerial limousines.

– This government allocated $34 million in subsidies to Warner Bros, to produce ‘The Hobbit‘.

– Politicians spent over $7.69 million of tax payer’s money on accommodation and travel in just six months.
The money is most certainly there. But it appears to be “tied up” in other “priorities”. Like MP’s travel perks and new limousines.

It also makes a mockery of National’s stated intention to launch a discussion “green”-paper on child abuse in this country, asking New Zealanders what more can be done to reduce our apalling rates of injured, maimed, and murdered children

Shame on this government. If a woman is killed because she cannot access an under-funded Women’s Refuge, then, there will be blood on this government’s hands.

Right-wing and centre-right governments hold several ideals as central to their ideology. Chief amongst these beliefs is the tenet of “taking personal responsibility”.

Who will take responsibility when a woman or child is killed because of lack of resourcing for Women’s Refuge.

Who indeed?

Donations to Women’s Refuge can be made here.

– Sunday, 31 July 2011

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