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Fool me Once, Shame on you…

Oh dear, oh dear…

It seems that Mr Peters is up to his old tricks again: saying one thing, whilst doing something completely different.

I refer to his stated “opposition to asset sales and a promise to gradually buy back state assets in foreign hands”. Really? Really?!?!

Mr Peters’ superannuitant constituency may suffer from poor memory – but I seem to re-call Mr Peters when he was Treasurer in the 1996 Bolger-led National/NZ First coalition government.

Not only did Mr Peters not buy back any state assets (including the Forestry Corporation of New Zealand Ltd – where he promised to “send the cheque back”) – but he actually over-saw the privatisation of both Auckland and Wellington Airports. All while he was a Minister in a coalition government that facilitated these asset sales.

Winston Peters was Treasurer from 16 December 1996 – 14 August 1998.

Auckland Airport was privatised 28 July 1998.

Wellington Airport was privatised 14 August 1998.

The privatisation of Wellington Airport was the catalyst for the break-up of the National-NZ First coalition – yet only the previous month, Peters made no attempt to halt the sale of Auckland Airport.

It was only when the public objected to Wellington’s airport following suit, and being sold off, that Peters realised his mistake.

Peters had plenty of opportunity to halt the sale of Auckland Airport, as well as buy back any number of state assets that had been flogged off.

He did neither. His track record speaks volumes.

Fool me once, shame on you…

… fool me twice, shame on me.


– Tuesday, 2 August 2011



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