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Community Needs vs Business Demands

“It is open from 9am to midnight seven days a week and is the only off-licence open in Porirua after 10pm.

Last night’s celebration coincided with the last day for submissions to be lodged on the licence renewal.

The District Licensing Agency had received 33 submissions all in opposition.

More submissions were anticipated before the cut off at midnight last night. The Liquor Licensing Authority determines opposed applications.

There are 28 off-licences in Porirua and liquor licences are renewed every three years.The Salvation Army is also opposing the licence renewal as the store is close to emergency housing for up to nine women and their children.

Principal Sose Annandale said if the bid to shut the store failed the opening hours should be restricted to 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm, when there were less children around.

She was also calling for the “aggressive” alcohol advertising on the store to be taken down. Store owner Chiman Patel said he had already removed some signs and suggested the school pupils used the footpath on one side of the road, and his customers the other.

Mr Patel, who had owned the shop for 9 years, said he had extended the closing time from 9pm to midnight because of community requests.”

This is not about a businessman having an unlimited right to carry out his activities. This is about the demands of a business to make a profit balanced with the needs of a community to maintain safety and a measure of civilised behaviour.

From what we are being told, the late opening hours (up to midnight, 7 days a week) is attracting and encouraging an undesirable element who continue drinking into the early hours and making an unmitigated nuisance of themselves with the mess they leave behind.

As for store owner Chiman Patel suggesting that school pupils used the footpath on one side of the road, and his customers the other – this is so bizarre and ridiculous as to rightly invite ridicule.

There is simply no sound reason to have a liquor outlet open till midnight. The anti-social aspects of this is readily apparent.

Personally, even 8pm is late enough. Anyone who needs to consume alcohol late into the night has a problem.

And I don’t see why the community should have to pick up the pieces of that problem.

– Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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