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The World Grieves With Our Norwegian Brothers and Sisters

One thing that has always struck me as ‘curious’ about mess-shooters… Without exception, they always target the defenceless and the vulnerable.

They never, ever, strike at, for example, a “gun fair” such as the type they have in the US.

And if Breivik was so concerned about muslims, he had not one – but TWO wars where he could have enlisted amnd joined armies that are currently fighting a muslim enemy.

And if it’s marxists he wanted to target – there are heaps of them in North Korea and Cuba.

But instead, he picked an island filled with young, unarmed people. No marxists and no muslim extremists. Just young men and women of his own society.

So why do these nuts target the innocent and unarmed?

Because I suspect that these psychopaths are actually, deep down, cowards. They are afraid of a world they cannot understand, nor cope with, and where phantom ‘enemies’ are hiding around every corner.

I admire the Norwegians. They have declared that they will maintain an open, democratic society.

Could you imagine if a similar (gods forbid) situation occurred here in New Zealand? The government would be passing new laws at warp speed; increasing police powers; and making every effort to look like “they are doing something”.

I guess this is another example of Europe being more mature, as a society, than New Zealand…



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