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The socially “acceptable” face of paedophilia, served up by parents, to the Raincoat Brigade…

28 July 2011 1 comment

In the same issue of “Woman’s Day” that features blonde, bosomy babes in bikinis on the cover; tucked away at the bottom left, is an article on that most bizarre, and obscene, activity – child “beauty” pageants. The story relates to six-year old Eden Wood, an American (of course!) child who has been “tarted up” and entered into US child “beauty” pageants.

Little Eden is evidently travelling to a similar-styled “pageant” in Australia.

God help us, but it seems that this American-inspired, legally-sanctioned child pornography, is coming Down Under. And I have zero doubt that there are enough warped parents in this country who would likewise turn their children into “Las Vegas showgirls”, complete with “bump’n’grind” stripping routines.

The mother of Eden Wood justifies the sexualised exploitation of her daughter by declaring,

“If you see sex  when you look at my six year old child, that’s not her fault. It’s a sign  of somebody being sick in the mind. “


Congratulations, Ms Wood; you’ve just given a good enough reason to justify child porn. After all, “if you see sex  when you look at a six year old child, that’s not her fault. It’s a sign  of somebody being sick in the mind.” So let’s have plenty of images of kiddie porn, right?

I sincerely hope that this US-inspired, sexualised exploitation of young children never comes to this country. I, for one, (and the rest of our household) would be protesting outside any venue that held such a travesty.

Make no mistake, this is not children playing “dress ups”. This is not innocent “fun”. This is adults sexualising children for their own misguided, perverse pleasure. Such parents may not understand the implications of these child “beauty” pageants – but those implications exist nonetheless.

This is nothing less than socially “acceptable” paedophilia, served up by mothers and fathers, to the Raincoat Brigade.

It has no place in our country.

[Note:  The movie, “Little Miss Sunshine“, is a satirical look at the phenomenon of child “beauty” pageants, and pokes fun at the entire concept. The end scene is both insanely funny – and with a dark, underlying message as well. The movie is available on dvd, and I recommend it. ]
– Thursday, 28 July 2011

“Soul Sisters”?

… and as we all know, “soul sisters” are best photographed when they are both nubile young blondes, in scanty white bikinis.

I do believe that “Woman’s Day” has breached a new demographic market; young, heterosexual males, with testosterone in their veins instead of blood.

Well done,  “Woman’s Day“.

Move over “Playboy“.