Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy

Did we, or did we not land on the Moon?

The Moon Landing Hoax  is probably one of the most enduring of Conspiracy Theories, along with the JFK assassination; the crashed flying saucer at Roswell; and the 9/11 “Inside Job”.

Moon Landing Hoax CTers will offer all manner of “evidence” that the Apollo programme was a fake and that the astronauts were actually photographed on a secret studio film-lot, where the lunar surface was re-created down to the nth degree.

CTers point out to many “flaws” in the photos, stating that the flag appears to “flutter” in the airlessness of the lunar environment; that stars are not visible; etc.

It’s all rubbish of course.

Common sense will tell you that;

Too many people would have been involved in such a complex project. Hundreds, if not thousands, would  needed to have been recruited for such a massive undertaking. And not one person involved in this supposed conspiracy finally succumbed to temptation to appear on Oprah or Larry King?! Folks, please! This is America we’re talking about!!

!  It’s been estimated that the immense cost of such a conspiracy, including requiring to launch an entire, crewless, Saturn-Apollo rocket, would have made an actual trip to the Moon a cheaper option.

!  Our American and Soviet cuzzies were involved in a little difference-of-opinion which some folk refer to as The Cold War.  It was nothing less than a struggle for world domination. Every aspect of Soviet and American life was a bitter contest for supremacy of ideas, ideology, and economic system. Even the Olympics were a battleground between opposing Soviet and American athletes.

In this climate of subdued agression – and in the cases of Korea, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, overt warfare – the Space Race became another battleground for the competing Superpowers.

When Americans landed on the Moon in July 1969, it was a signal to the world that American technology and inventiveness had triumphed over the closeted, regimented society of the USSR and it’s allies.

One up for the Yanks, we might say.

But imagine if the landings had been a hoax. Imagine if, eventually, the Soviets had discovered the deception? And imagine if they had gathered evidence to prove to the world that the United States had lied on such a vast scale?

The propaganda coup to the Soviet Union would have destroyed America’s credibility – and  perhaps lost them the Cold War. History would have altered incalculably and the world today would be a much different place.

No, folks, there was no Moon Landing Hoax conspiracy. The Soviets would never have permitted it.

In July, 1969, two human beings walked on an alien world. And whether we are American or Russian,  it’s something to be damned proud of…



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