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ACT intending a “serious assault”?

Don Brash seems to have changed his mind on Labour’s proposed Capital Gains Tax,

“A Capital Gains Tax means you are clobbered twice: once when you create or earn wealth, the second time when you dispose of it. The fact that we already have it in some form is no excuse for extending it.” Source & More.

Brash further states,

“ACT proposes in the short term to reduce it to Michael Cullen’s level. Long term, we advocate a serious assault on both spending and taxes, with the former capped and the latter low and flat.”

“Serious assault” is about right. What Brash is intending is the total dismantling of the State; selling every state asset available; privatising education and healthcare; huge tax cuts that will benefit corporations and the wealthy; and god knows what else. It would mean the Hong Kongisation of New Zealand – and believe me, folks, you wouldn’t want to live in Hong Kong.

So, there we have it.

Which is the real Don Brash? And do we really care?



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